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Meet Nick and Jimmy Markos of Pier 23 Kitchen in Gloucester


• September 25, 2017

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Today we’d like to introduce you to Nick and Jimmy Markos.

Nick and Jimmy, please share your story with us.
Growing up in a home where our Mom would cook multiple meals a day, often times all different meals for her four hungry men, we understand what love on a plate entails. The memories around the kitchen table has inspired the deep passion to create a food experience for each of our patrons. We grew up in the food industry as our father worked tirelessly for 15 years at George’s Roast Beef in Lynn and created a special place for his customers to enjoy his cooking daily. Watching our parents work so hard built the work ethic and courage to be entrepreneurs and pursue our dream of opening restaurants as Pier 2 Kitchen is our 3rd.

Nicholas actually fell out of the restaurant business for over a decade as he pursued two master’s degrees and a doctoral program all while serving as a school administrator, coach and teacher. Dimitrios has run, managed and or owned locations throughout the greater Boston area and has had a deep passion for his craft. When Nicholas was laid off after relocating back to Boston, we saw a great opportunity to team up once again and bring a concept and a brand to the Cape Ann area that no one can match.

Our commitment to you is centered on understanding that sitting around a table with family should be a joyous occasion, a happy time with laughs, love and great food. In 6 months, the boys have taken Gloucester, Cape Ann and the rest of the North Shore by surprise with their huge omelettes, gourmet burger creations, mouth-watering chicken kabob & steak tips and an atmosphere that feels like HOME!

We thrive to create an “experience” that you deserve. We will always have a commitment to excellence to provide our patrons- our family, with an experience that will always keep you coming back for more.

This is who we are. This is what we are about. We are Pier 23 Kitchen.

Has it been a smooth road?
Opening, owning and operating your own business is never easy especially with a site that had not been successful as a restaurant. We both still work over 80+ hours a week, open to close and finding a staff that buys into what you are trying to accomplish not just day to day but over time is always a challenge.

Everyday poses new challenges and new joys and we have been in the business long enough to just grind through it and never get too high or too low and just continue to take care of the patrons, our staff and our community which we have already raised over $5000 for in 6 months through our charity nights.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Pier 23 Kitchen story. Tell us more about the business.
Burgers, Burgers, & Burgers! We thrive on having the best burger around, ANYWHERE! We will put our food against anyone. We are not “chefs”, we are hardworking family that wants to put out a great product on every plate we serve. People rave about our burgers but the great thing is now as people start to explore our menu they realize that everything is phenomenal at Pier 23 Kitchen. Homemade Chicken Fingers, Fresh Chicken wings, homemade sauces, omelettes that barely fit on the plate and more.

We are owned and operated. We are always here. We literally make each dish that comes out of that kitchen breakfast, lunch or dinner.

We are proud that we have been able to impact the community in such a positive way and are blessed to be growing continuously in such a beautiful area.

How do you think the industry will change over the next decade?
I think some of the major trends are happening now as far as grab n go, quick places, in and out but I always think there is a market and a time that people yearn to sit down reload their minds and have trust in the restaurant of their liking to provide a great meal.

When you have great food, great service and a clean, healthy environment those are trends that will never fade away.

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Work up an appetite for education at Pier 23

  • By Joann Mackenzie Staff Writer 
  • Apr 26, 2017

At Pier 23 , you know the food is good before you even order. All you have to do is listen. At the next booth, Nicole, the waitress, arrives bearing heaping platters, and soon the raves begin.

“Wow! This is some tuna sandwich!”

“I can’t believe these chicken fingers!”

“This burger is amazing.”

That burger? The big, glazed bun arrives seared like a Texas ranch steer with —what else— the name: Pier 23.

“Yup, we’re home of Gloucester’s only branded burger," says Nick Markos, who with his brother Jimmy opened Pier 23 as February closed.

The brothers, who “grew up in the kitchen” of their father’s restaurant, George’s Roast Beef in Lynn, scribble their daily specials on a chalk board hung over the bar. Yesterday, a peanut butter bacon burger headed the list. Soon, something else will: wine and beer. The license, which the city approved in March, should muster state approval in two to six weeks. Meanwhile, this cool, casual, kicked-back eatery, located at the entrance of Jodrey State Fish Pier, has been packing them in based on the kind of raves going on at the next table. 

Gloucester loves to eat, and the brothers love to cook the kind of food Gloucesterites love to eat, which is one reason why they decided to open here. The other? Positive buzz. “We could have opened anywhere,” says Nick, “but we loved the positive buzz in Gloucester. There’s a lot of good energy here, a lot of development going on downtown. Gloucester is an up and coming place, a real family community, and we wanted to be part of it.”

That they are. Thursdays are for fundraising at Pier 23, and in the six weeks since it’s been up and running, several local institutions — the Gloucester High School softball and girls tennis team, and Nadine’s Dance Academy among them— have already benefited from a generous 15 percent take of all the day's proceeds.

But Thursday marks a first for the Markos brothers: a fundraiser for the Gloucester Educational Foundation that establishes their ongoing commitment to local schools. Jimmy Markos, who is obviously proud of his brainy brother, alludes to Nick's impressive academic achievements, and Nick, when asked, owns up to them.

For 12 years before returning to the restaurant business, Nick Markos was an educator — and assistant college football coach — with multiple degrees, and Thursday’s event reflects what he articulates on his resume as a “passion to foster strong relationships with local and school communities and facilitate the integration of effective initiatives …”

“The Gloucester Educational Foundation has raised over $10 million over the past ten years," says an obviously impressed Nick Markos, "and we want to help them raise more."

Basically, by the sound of it, the brothers want to help anyone who needs help in Gloucester, with Thursday fundraisers already booked through May — one for DECA next week. "You need to raise funds for a good cause, you call us," says Jimmy Markos. 

"We're a 90 percent from scratch, a locally supplied kitchen," says Nick Markos. And contrary to appearances — check out the online menu — the classic burger alone measures some 3 inches high — Jimmy Markos swears the food is "totally fat free."

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